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foundation overview
Ketamine is the only legally available medicine with psychoactive to psychedelic properties. The Ketamine Research Foundation stands at the apex of Ketamine research and ketamine psychotherapy. We are the ground on which psychedelic psychotherapy practices arise and mature, the first in the toolbox, the base for the development of great beneficial practices for human beings.
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The Ketamine Research foundation is dedicated to understanding the practical applications of Ketamine. Our studies are streamlined and creative with appropriate safeguards and IRB approvals. Our multi-site studies include subjects facing death, post partum depression, group psychotherapy for PTSD and Veterans, PTSD for life threatening illness amongst others.
Built on a sophisticated platform with technologically advanced search capabilities, our ketamine-based scholarly library is one of the most comprehensive collections of research and lay articles anywhere. In addition, we have a comprehensive video library as well as a ketamine assisted psychotherapy music library for our patients and the world at large.
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Since 2018, we have trained over 800 practitioners in the US and internationally. The Ketamine Research Foundation is recognized as the preeminent and essential training for ketamine practitioners devoted to psychedelic psychotherapy using the presently only legal such medicine.
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The Ketamine Training Center Announces The BIPOC Scholarship Program
Recognizing the need for diversity in the emerging realm of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, The Ketamine Training Center has created a scholarship program to make attending its trainings more affordable for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

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Our Mission

Ketamine is the only legally available medicine with psychoactive to psychedelic properties. The Ketamine Research Foundation stands at the center of ketamine research, training, and psychotherapy.

We advance the use of Ketamine in therapeutic methodologies and practices to promote the well-being and balance of our patients through the application of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

Our commitment to streamlined and creative research, guided by appropriate safeguards and IRB approvals is unrivaled – all the while setting a gold standard for therapeutics, accountability, accessibility to care, education, and above all, comprehensive training.

We are the ground upon which assisted psychotherapy practices develop and mature with a priority to position the ethical and therapeutic uses of ketamine as the first alternative in the medical toolbox. The wide spectrum of programs that are part of the Ketamine Research Foundation exemplifies our dedication to collaboration, an international presence, and the fulfillment of ketamine’s promise as an extraordinary agent of change and growth.


From human need to its realization

Who we are

KRF is building a crucial foundation of experienced practitioners and methods for psychedelic psychotherapy and its future as a healing practice:

  • KRF is the preeminent non-profit organization facilitating research and training, providing access to care, and constructing a comprehensive library of resources for furthering the practice of psychoactive and psychedelic medicine.
  • KRF is constructing The Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates, an international organization that has set the standards for ethical and thoughtful care surrounding the use of ketamine.
  • KRF has founded an essential platform for the dissemination of responsible information about psychedelic science and practice

What we do

KRF’s research initiatives are at the center of growing support for ketamine-based therapies among consumers, legislators, and the medical community. We are the established leader in the clinical research of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and its applications including:

  • The Sublingual Ketamine Protocol for PMDD—demonstrating the effect of low-dose ketamine for symptomatic relief of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder—a double blind placebo controlled study in approval process with the FDA.
  • International Protocol for PTSD—Ketamine Treatment of  Emotional Trauma and Distress:  Provision of Emotional Care to Individuals and their Support Systems suffering from agitation, uncontrollable distress, and symptoms of PTSD due to sudden traumatic impacts.
  • Veterans PTSD: Veterans training to support the treatment of PTSD through Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, expanding treatment options for veterans and to have an impact on VA’s treatment protocols.
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Postpartum Depression protocol: Postpartum depression treatment for new mothers.
  • KRF Research Publications: Ketamine and Lactation; Ketamine and the treatment of adolescents; Ketamine use and misuse papers; Ketamine and the nature of KAP.


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is the first legal psychedelic psychotherapy that allows thousands of patients to discover relief and recovery through its use. KAP is a positive addition to traditional psychiatry and fosters the development of assisted psychotherapy strategies that will be the basis for applying emerging alternative medicines.
KAP promotes transformation and healing through the psychoactive and psychedelic effects of Ketamine.
KAP is flexible in providing a continuum of treatment options that opens doors for both clinical and research applications.
Ketamine’s power lies in its ability to provide a time-out or dissolution of ego, enabling a new view of who we are and how we wish to be.
KAP fosters the development of assisted psychotherapy practices that will act as templates for the application of emerging alternative medicines in the future.

The Ketamine Training Center (KTC) has sponsored twenty-five programs across the US, Canada, and Israel, with over 800 practitioners having attended our experiential programs. Training is comprehensive and focuses on supporting medical professionals that are looking to expand their practice and understanding of new treatments.

We provide holistic training that includes:

Therapeutic tools of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

The experience of KAP with our two forms of administration—oral and intramuscular

Pharmacological & neuroscientific research

Access to the leading clinical and research team for guidance on ketamine and establishing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy practices

In 2024, we will be continuing to train practitioners abroad and in the US in a variety of programs and initiatives.

Indra’s Net Coalition

About the Indra's Net Coalition

The coalition is an international trauma treatment program that uses Sharing Groups as a model for bringing together individuals who have experienced trauma. These struggles can include loss, illness, climate disaster, addiction, and stress, all talked through in a compassionate and supportive environment.

The coalition offers group therapy sessions that are open to members and financially supported by KRF.

Ketamine Library Overview

The Ketamine Library is KRF’s lighthouse project. It’s the most comprehensive bibliographic resource for human studies on ketamine from its inception to the present day. The library is regularly updated as new research is published, and available to both clinical researchers and the broader public alike for an annual fee.

Latest News & Publications

access to care
Access to Care is a first-of-its-kind program, providing support to those who cannot afford Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. The Ketamine Research Foundation provides funding for qualified patients.

For more information and eligibility, please visit:

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