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Ketamine is the only legally available medicine with psychoactive psychedelic properties. The Ketamine Research Foundation stands at the apex of Ketamine research and ketamine psychotherapy. We are the ground on which psychedelic psychotherapy practices arise and mature, the first in the toolbox, the base for the development of great beneficial practices for human beings.
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The Ketamine Research foundation is dedicated to understanding the practical applications of Ketamine. Our studies are streamlined and creative with appropriate safeguards and IRB approvals. Our multi-site studies include subjects facing death, post partum depression, group psychotherapy for PTSD and Veterans, PTSD for life threatening illness amongst others.
Built on a sophisticated platform with technologically advanced search capabilities, our ketamine-based scholarly library is one of the most comprehensive collections of research and lay articles anywhere. In addition, we have a comprehensive video library as well as a ketamine assisted psychotherapy music library for our patients and the world at large.
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Since 2018, we have trained over 700 practitioners in the US and internationally. The Ketamine Research Foundation is recognized as the preeminent and essential training for ketamine practitioners devoted to psychedelic psychotherapy using the presently only legal such medicine.
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The Ketamine Training Center Announces The BIPOC Scholarship Program
Recognizing the need for diversity in the emerging realm of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, The Ketamine Training Center has created a scholarship program to make attending its trainings more affordable for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)

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Our Mission

The Ketamine Research Foundation was established to ultimately create sharing, healing, and transformation. Ketamine is the only legally available medicine with psychedelic properties. This enables the development of therapeutic methodologies and practices that will serve as other medicines become available.

The spectrum of programs and projects that are part of the developing Ketamine Research Foundation exemplifies this and our dedication to collaboration, an international organizational presence, and the fulfillment of ketamine’s promise as an extraordinary agent of change and growth. If done correctly, ketamine is a means for creating sharing, compassion and connection in the world.

Ketamine Library Overview

Our unique library contains all studies from the beginning of research of ketamine to current literature. 

Featured Library Content

Category 1

The Pharmacokinetics of Ketamine in the Breast Milk of Lactating Women: Quantification of Ketamine and Metabolites

The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF)is proud to present its research on the presence/absence of ketamine in breast milk.
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Category 2

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP): Patient Demographics, Clinical Data and Outcomes in Three Large Practices Administering Ketamine with Psychotherapy

Currently, ketamine is the only legal psychedelic medicine available to mental health providers for the treatment of emotional suffering.
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