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January 22-27, 2023​


The Ketamine Training Center I collaborating with PSYK-ed to bring KAP to Israel January 22-27, 2023. Phil Wolfson, Lauren Taus and Mark Braunstein along with our brothers and sisters in Israel will provide our Fundamentals Training in Ketamine and Psychedelic Psychotherapy.

Please Register at Psyk-ed.com

PSYK-ed was founded to advance Psychedelic Enhanced Psychotherapy (PEP) and ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) training retreats in Israel.

GET PSYKed for Israel’s first KAP training program in conjunction with the Ketamine Training Center and led by Dr Phil Wolfson, Dr. Mark Braunstein & Lauren Tauss.
Psychedelic Enhanced Psychotherapy training will be delivered by Dr Mark Braunstein, Rabbi Ben Epstein and Saul Kaye and will qualify psychiatrists and therapists in integrating ketamine into their therapeutic model.

PSYK-ed believes that ketamine is the best tool to learn the fundamentals of practicing psychedelic medicine.

Join our experienced family of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) providers to learn about this powerful modality and use ketamine as a jumping-off point to explore the transformative potential of psychedelic therapy.

Our Psychedelic Enhanced Psychotherapy (PEP) training program incorporates practical skills, clinical research, and supported ketamine experiences to inform and empower you in this emerging field.

Social Justice – Entheogens for Peace

Entheogens for peace is a non for profit arm of PSYK-ed that trains the trainers in the practice of psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy designed by Dr Braunstein & Saul Kaye. You can support Entheogens for peace by sponsoring participants to attend our retreats and extend therapy to global PTSD sufferers.

Shabbat Experience

Join us for an insightful and memorable Shabbat in the Mitspeh, where we will have a spiritual and informative shabbat experience. The Shabbat will include Vegan and Vegetarian food cooked by our wonderful chef and board at the beautiful Selina Gardens.

The weekend will be filled with singing, lectures and group discussions on the future of Psychedelic medicine, Entheogenic use in the Torah and the theories of conscious evolution, the use of Ketamine for the help of peace, consciousness and mental health, with Pioneer Phil Wolfson and our experienced team, Dr. Mark Braunstein, Dr. Benjy Epstein and Alex Goldman. Space is limited so please register so you don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

The shabbat program will feature discussions on:

  • Psychedelics Role in the History of Judaism
  • Ketamine mental health and Spirituality led by Dr Phil Wolfson
  • Psychedelics & Conscious Cannabis Led by Dr Mark Braunstein
  • Consciousness and Mindfulness led by Dr Benjy Epstein
  • Ethics and supporting the Journey- Pinni Baumol and Saul Kaye
  • Movement, dance and Meditation

March 20-26, 2023

Scotts Valley, CA

IFS and KAP Unite—#2 Internal Family Systems & Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

A unique and evolving amalgam of a complementary healing process.
An Experiential Training for Licensed Clinicians with Richard Schwartz & Phil Wolfson, Sunny Strasburg, Jeanne Catanzaro, Robert Bonazoli, and Melissa Whippo.

1440 Multiversity
800 Bethany Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Tuition includes room and board and CE credit at the remarkable 1440 near Santa Cruz California — with its original culinary presentation and elegance

Tuition: Single Room $7500 Shared Double $6200
Scholarships available by application

April 17-23, 2023

Menla Retreat Center; Catskill Mountains, New York

Fundamentals Training

The Fundamentals of KAP as a community experiential journey of learning what KAP is truly about personally and didactically.

With Phil Wolfson, Licia Sky, Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Corbett, Gita Vaid and others.

The Menla Retreat Center
375 Pantherkill Rd, Phoenicia, New York

Limited participation for licensed health practitioners only.

$3,500 prescribing providers
$3,000 non-prescribing providers

(Room and board separate and additional cost)
Room reservation made directly through Menla Retreat Center 

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COVID Precautions

We strongly encourage those of you who are not yet Ketamine Psychotherapy Associate members to join our organization and build it with us.

As our workshops, by design, are limited in the number of participants, we encourage you to sign up early as workshops will fill up. We accommodate up to 36 participants in each training. There is a great deal of dyadic work. The group alternates between roles–sitting for those receiving and reversing the next day. Didactic and Integration work, KAP methodology and the understanding of working in psychedelic process are essential parts and are interwoven throughout. Consider enrolling with colleagues with whom you are contemplating doing KAP work.

This is true for all four workshops. A relatively large group experiencing ketamine sublingual and IM sessions\and sharing their experiences are invaluable in providing both new and more experienced practitioners with a remarkable breadth of view of the myriad ways in which ketamine is processed. All our trainings have created a profound sense of community and connection, to all of our delights. Sharing is an essential part of what makes our programs both a learning experience and a deep personal awareness of KAP enabling you to bring this to the miraculous work that is KAP in action.

Our introductory training programs are designed for practitioners who wish to train in and understand the potential of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. All participants will receive didactic and experiential training in the use of both trance and transformative methods (sublingual and IM) of administering ketamine as Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). It is our view that practitioner experience of ketamine is essential to its therapeutic use and knowledge of its potential as a medicine. It is also our view that the two format KAP method provides a unique opportunity for deep and rapid psychotherapy.

Our interest is in providing you with an in-depth exposure to ketamine practice enabling your informed use of this medicine in a therapeutic setting of your own creation. Our plan is to continue to support your practice after the conclusion of the weekend training with two zoom sessions.

We continue that support through our Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates (KPA) program which is a membership organization with consultation, structural support for your emerging practice, and a referral list that consists of those who have attended the training. It is a part of the non-profit Ketamine Research Foundation and membership is tax-deductible. It is our suggestion that you explore the program and join us in making Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates a national/international organization. Many of the over 700 participants from our workshops have joined Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates.

It is essential that we keep in mind that the pandemic is ever-evolving and it is possible that our workshops may have to be cancelled. In that case, fees would be refunded save for the processing fee of $100.

All programs have eligibility for CME and CE credits which may be applied for on the particular program site.

Programs will be recorded for distribution as training modules. Participants have the right to have their identity excluded and waivers will be provided for permission to be filmed. As our attendance capacity is limited, it is our desire to distribute our materials more widely under confidential conditions to qualified practitioners through The Ketamine Research Foundation, our 501(c)(3) non-profit.

For the fastest response, please email us.

Receive updates regarding upcoming trainings. We are brief and infrequent.