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2023 Trainings

KTC Presents its Advanced Sharing for KAP Practitioners | September 19-24, 2023 at our beloved Menla Retreat Center in the Catskills.

Please Note: Some Changes to our Event.

The Advanced Sharing Retreat is open to KPA and others who have attended different KAP trainings and who have at least begun to practice KAP. It will include group experiences—psycholytic mornings and higher dose afternoons—all IM–and presentations and case discussions. Our program is in process, and we will solicit interest from participants. Sessions will include: Successes and Failures; Case Presentations as Consultations; Practice Issues; Working in Groups; Couples; Adolescents; Our Methodologies; KAP and Sex Therapy; Ketamine and Emerging Psychedelics; Diversity, Identity and Culture; Commercialization and Where We Are Heading; Expanded Awareness and Movement in KAP; Trauma and KAP; Update on Science; and other topics as we bring them to our attention. We would conduct the program within a contemplative practice set. Please see this as an opportunity to expand our connections and skillful means. Please see this as an opportunity to come together as a community of devoted practitioners. We are committed to sharing and fun. All of our trainings and events have created kindness and affection. We welcome your application and attendance.

As this is a Sharing event, aside from Organizers, Providers, and our Support team, we are not paying for Leaders as we do in our Fundamentals program. In the spirit of collaboration, we are asking applicants to pay their tuition fees on a sliding scale by your own estimate in an honor framework of fees of $2500-$3500, regardless of degree. 

Participants will be requested to provide their suggestions for topics and their potential offerings to add to the scheduling. Zoom sessions will precede the event for planning and participation. Our intention is to have a sharing that elevates all of our practices conceptually, methodologically, spiritually, and practically. And to support the growth and development of the KAP community of practitioners, and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

Fees to Menla for room and board are arranged separately with Menla at https://menla.org/

KTC presents its Renowned Fundamentals Training in the Fall at Our Inspiring Menla Retreat Center in Autumnal Splendor/ OCTOBER 24-29TH

The Fundamentals of KAP Is a community experiential journey of learning what KAP is truly about both personally and didactically.

With Phil Wolfson, Licia Sky, Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Corbett, Gita Vaid, Tom Brod ,and others.

The Menla Retreat Center—in the Catskills
375 Pantherkill Rd, Phoenicia, New York

Limited participation for licensed health practitioners only.

Four BIPOC scholarships are available by application. Registration is now open, and we welcome your application and presence. The registration fee is $500 for all applicants, $400 of which is refundable. We predict the training will fill up rapidly, so we suggest you apply soon.

$3,500 prescribing providers
$3,000 non-prescribing providers
(Room and board separate and additional cost)

Room reservation is made directly through Menla after acceptance to the program at https://menla.org/

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Workshop Information

KTC Covid Precautions and Guidelines as of August 2023

With the recent upsurge of Covid 19, we had our own experience of two participants,  who were unknowingly harboring the virus, attending our August training. They tested Covid positive on the first and second full days of the training and had to leave. Learning from this disruptive and fearful experience, we are mandating new testing for your and our health. The program continued after four additional participants voluntarily departed in concern for their protection. Fortunately, with daily testing, no one else tested positive and the training concluded with a sense of great community and great learning. To be clear, it was tough going.

The incubation period appears to be 2-3 days from exposure, though it may be even longer—up to 5 days. The current strains seem quicker to become symptomatic.

We wish to take the necessary  precautions. These are as follows:

  • Please test two days prior to attending the program.
  • Please test the morning of the program before leaving your abode.
  • We will test on arrival so long as the Covid risk is present. We follow CDC guidelines.
  • We may test subsequently during the training.
  • If a training is cancelled due to Covid, we will refund fees minus $100 if the cancellation precedes the commencement of the training with consideration for any non-refundable expenses we have made.
  • If a training is cancelled during its course, refunds will be prorated to the length of the training and expenses incurred.
  • If an individual contracts Covid and cannot attend the training, a refund will be made according to expenses expended by KTC.
  • If an individual contracts Covid during the training, they will be asked to leave the training and a refund will be made according to the duration of their presence in the training and expenses incurred.
  • If a person becomes Covid positive during the training and leaves, it is up to participants to decide to stay or leave. Testing will be conducted daily. If a participant makes a voluntary decision to leave the training, they will have their remaining fees (after deduction for expenses incurred to the time of their departure) put forward towards another training. KTC will hold the remaining fees up to 12 months from the time of the training. KTC will do its best to provide trainings in that time period.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Phil Wolfson MD


We will do a on-site pre-admission screening” and “It is essential that we keep in mind that the pandemic is ever-evolving and it is possible that our workshops may have to be cancelled. In that case, fees would be refunded save for the processing fee of $100”.


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