Access to Care

Application for Access to Care

Qualifications and Process

Practitioners who are Members of Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates, or are practicing within the Center’s definition of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy may apply for Foundation support for assisting patients with access to KAP care. Given the Foundation’s early funding status, for now support is limited to 1-3 KAP sessions based on the clinical plan. Additionally, we are beginning with qualifying patients who have or are definitely eligible for Medi-Cal and/or Medicare. As Foundation funding increases, we aspire to improve our level of support to include, in general, those who lack sufficient funds for KAP treatment.

To qualify patients, practitioners must agree to lower their fees to half of what is their usual and customary tariff. The Foundation will pay for one half of the reduced fee and the patient then pays the other half. For example, if the KAP fee is $1250 for a session, the practitioner will charge $625, the Foundation will pay $312.50 and the patient $312.50.

The Foundation will approve of applications and reimburse as bills are received according to the agreement. Practitioners are asked to submit W-9 forms along with their application. We recommend that practitioners join the Ketamine Data Project–on this site–and send Termination forms (from KDP) to the Foundation so that we—and you—may have a view of the success of the Foundation’s support.