Program Application

Application Submission Requirements

You are asked to submit the following materials.

  1. The Ketamine Training Center Application form with Intake (Click here to begin form)

  2. Personal narrative (You will be asked to submit this in the online application) that addresses the following topics:

    Please describe in a few paragraphs your background and interest in this training.

    • Have you worked with Ketamine previously?

    • Tell us anything pertinent regarding your personal development and progress through the stages of licensure, commissioning or ordination that might relate to your interest in this program. Include descriptions of your training in therapy or spiritual direction.

    • Please describe any previous experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness that you believe are relevant to this training program.

    • While this training imparts a wealth of knowledge and observation of the KAP process, because of its experiential nature, most people also find it deeply enriching of their own process and personal process and life events. We support and integrate the deep personal issues that may come up. However, we do state that this is not primarily a workshop for personal counseling, and you may not be able to use it to do the work that should be done in personal therapy. You may have much more to bring though in your own personal work afterwards.

    • Are there life events, adversity, trauma that have triggered your interest in this work, and have any experiences with non-ordinary states furthered your growth?

    • Please share with us briefly what you hope to do with this training in your work in the world.

  3. Credentialing Documents

    Upon application completion and receipt of application payment, you will be prompted by email to send a copy of your license or your ordination/commission to

  4. Indemnity of Liability Agreement

    On acceptance into the program, you will be e-mailed an Informed Consent and a full waiver and indemnity of liability. At the conclusion of the Intake form below there is an affirmation and a waiver that must be signed and included with your application indicating your intention to provide this on acceptance and your understanding of its purpose.

The Ketamine Training Center training has an experiential component which is core to its process. Though The Ketamine Training Center believes that participants who have passed the screening requirements are suitable to do this kind of work, The Ketamine Training Center does not assume any liability for any claim which may arise from any participant’s participation in the workshop.

The Ketamine Training Center training is only open to licensed and experienced practitioners who have some familiarity with and are able to consider the risks and side effects associated with medications and guiding individuals in non-ordinary states. We do at times accept those without licensure but have interest and experience that would make this training valuable to them and them to us. If you are a medical, psychological or palliative care professional who is unable to identify and assess the personal risk involved with this training, because you lack the knowledge, experience and skill set, then this training is not for you.

We are exclusively seeking participants who come to this training of their own free will and volition, with a full understanding of the risks involved, and who agree to bear all the associated risks to participate in the workshop.

With all of this written, Ketamine in these formats is a very safe medicine.

Application Fees

Our fee structure is based on our estimate of the market scale of what participants earn in their respective professions and how in the future they will financially benefit from this training. We seek to acknowledge that there is a large income disparity in the spectrum of potential participants. For example, we recognize that the psychiatrist and the hospice provider work are at opposite ends of the pay spectrum.

We understand that this model does not work for all people in all cases, but since we are promoting a team-based, cross-discipline collaboration, we hope you will apply in teams and address the income and cost issues independently among your respective teams.

This does not in any way exclude individuals from applying and we shall help teams form for the process of the training.

Registration Processing Fee and Deposit:

  • $500—$100 of this fee is the non-refundable application fee.
  • $400 will be applied to your tuition on acceptance and payment in full of the tuition.
  • $500 is due when you submit your application. We cannot review your application until we receive this fee.

Payment and Cancellation Fees:

An application fee and deposit of $500 is due at the time of application. After payment of the initial deposit of $500, payment for the training program must be received by (x days after the initial payment) to secure your space in the program. You may submit payment online here. This ensures that we will be able to offer the program to others who may be on a waiting list.

For the fastest response, please email us.

Receive updates regarding upcoming trainings. We are brief and infrequent.