research group
The Ketamine Research foundation is dedicated to understanding the practical applications of Ketamine. Our studies are streamlined and creative with appropriate safeguards and IRB approvals. Our multi-site studies include subjects facing death, post partum depression, group psychotherapy for PTSD and Veterans, PTSD for life threatening illness amongst others.

conscious dying / conscious living

The Ketamine Research Foundation is proud to announce full FDA and IRB approval for Conscious Dying/Conscious Living, our protocol providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for those facing death with conscious intent.

Data Project​

The Ketamine Data Project is a multi-center collaborative voluntary data collection system created to enable an analysis of the work and outcome of ketamine therapies.

Group Psychotherapy For PTSD And Veterans​

In a collaborative project, Heroic Hearts and the Ketamine Research Foundation are working together to facilitate the training of selected veterans to participate as co-leaders in ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) group programs for veterans suffering with PTSD.

Life-Threatening Illness/PTSD-LTI​

The Ketamine Research Foundation is supporting the expansion of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis to Include the impact on the vast and increasing number of survivors of life-Threatening Illnesses.

postpartum depression project

The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF) is proud to present its research on the presence/absence of ketamine in breast milk.