Postpartum Depression

Ketamine Research Foundation postpartum depression project

The Ketamine Research Foundation (KRF) is proud to present its research on the presence/absence of ketamine in breast milk. As a first line antidepressant, ketamine in assisted psychotherapy (KAP) for women who are breast-feeding and suffering with postpartum depression (PPD), and depression and PTSD offers the option for intermittent use. This solves the dilemma for women seeking effective treatment and who do not wish to expose infants to continuous exposure to conventional treatments such as antidepressants. As the effects of long-term continuous use of medication on infant development is unknown and difficult to study prospectively, the assurance of our study opens the door to a different and effective approach to treatment. The Ketamine Research Foundation is in the process of developing its protocol for PPD and we expect to launch it in the Fall of 2023.

Ketamine and Lactation includes a paper published in the peer-reviewed journal:  The Journal for Psychoactive Drugs The findings indicate the appropriate time and safety for the use of Ketamine for breastfeeding women