Group psychotherapy for
PTSD and Veterans

Heroic Hearts and Ketamine Research Foundation collaborate to assist veterans with PTSD

Heroic Hearts and the Ketamine Research Foundation—Facilitator Training of Selected Veterans to Participate as Co-Leaders in the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Group Program for Veterans Suffering with PTSD

In a collaborative project, Heroic Hearts and the Ketamine Research Foundation are working together to facilitate the training of selected veterans to participate as co-leaders in ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) group programs for veterans suffering with PTSD.

The development of trust is a necessity for veterans entering our program for treating PTSD with ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) to feel connected to leaders who are knowledgeable and experienced themselves as veterans and with our KAP format. The breakage of trust in self and the world outside characterizes the essence of the PTSD syndrome and its lack of restoration continues the suffering. Our three-month-long program is designed to create a first core of vet facilitators who will go on to be part of a larger PTSD treatment program for veterans. Our hope is to influence larger agencies such as the VA to embrace this method of treatment.

Our team includes KAP trained psychiatrists, most of whom have military experience, psychotherapists with KAP experience, and vets who have been working with PTSD. All candidates will go through a screening process and our group program is conducted in accord with established KAP use with ketamine as per its DEA Schedule 3 status.

Please refer to KRF for more information on our protocol.
We are most grateful for your interest and donations.